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Even the Supreme Court Thinks NCAA Amateurism Is a Farce

Ringer Illustration A unanimous ruling from the nation’s highest court might not be a death knell for the NCAA’s business model, but it clearly and devastatingly exposes the facade upon which the entire enterprise rests The NCAA is an empire built on a loophole the size of a postage stamp. Every palatial college sports stadium [Read More]

Phil Mickelson Makes History at the PGA Championship

Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images House and Hubbard react to Mickelson becoming the oldest golfer to win a major and discuss what his victory means for the sport House and Hubbard celebrate Phil Mickelson’s historic win at PGA Championship as the oldest to win the tournament at 50 years old. They break down how this [Read More]

How Did a One-Armed Chris Paul Beat the Lakers? They Let Him.

Getty Images/Ringer Illustration Despite an obvious shoulder injury, Los Angeles treated Phoenix’s point guard like the future Hall of Famer that he is, leading to countless defensive breakdowns and a stunning Game 1 loss We’ve seen Chris Paul foiled, stifled, hobbled, and humbled on the court over the years, but until Sunday, we had never [Read More]

Winners and Losers of the Second Round of March Madness

Getty Images/Ringer illustration All hail Cameron Krutwig, college basketball king. Plus, Buddy Boeheim is a walking bucket … and where are all the buzzer-beaters? Who shined the most in the second round of March Madness? Who fell short? Let’s dive into a special edition of Winners and Losers. Winner: Cameron Krutwig I reserve a special [Read More]

The Worst Thing Justin Herbert Can Do Is Be So Good He Saves Anthony Lynn’s Job

AP Images/Ringer illustration The Chargers’ rookie quarterback had another banner night, leading the team to an overtime victory over the Raiders. But it’s becoming clear that L.A. needs a change at the top to unlock this squad’s potential. Every time the Chargers win a football game, it feels like they have to overcome two teams: [Read More]

California Lawmaker Screams ‘F*** Donald Trump,’ Taunts ‘Anti-Worker Trump Supporters’

At a pro-Elizabeth Warren event in San Diego, California, a group of protesters showed up to demonstrate against Warren-backer and California Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) for authoring AB5, a disastrous labor law that has essentially declared war on the state’s gig worker economy.  During the event, Gonzalez can be seen delivering a speech, but [Read More]