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14 Phrases Kind People Use to Show They Genuinely Care

In the bustle and noise of modern life, the days can feel lonely, and it can seem like the world is against you. Yet, if you look around there are still kind people who love to help others. What they say and do makes the world brighter and helps us feel better when feeling down. …

12 Ways to Persevere After Hitting Rock Bottom

Have you ever felt like life’s ruthless challenges have pushed you to the brink? But here’s the thing – rock bottom is often just the solid foundation you need to bounce back. Let’s explore 12 simple yet powerful ways to persevere through tough times and emerge stronger on the other side. 1. Perspective Power How …

11 Outdated Fashion Trends That Women Still Love (And Make Them Look Older)

Fashion, like bread, gets stale. However, unlike bread, people continue to embrace and wear styles that have surpassed their sell-by date. Certain classic fashion statements, deemed questionable by some, remain popular- particularly among older women. Perhaps it’s the comfort or practicality they offer, but these garments still appear on the streets today, whether they’re “in” …

History’s Literal Deadliest Fart

While dropping your drawers and flashing your no doubt abnormally attractive derriere at those you wish to express your contempt for may seem a relatively harmless act, it turns out at one point in history combining said act with expelling the gaseous contents of one’s colon once resulted in the deaths of at least 10,000 humans in what we here [...]

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Who Invented the Jet Engine?

On the morning of August 27, 1939, a small aircraft was towed onto the runway at Marienehe airfield in Mecklenberg, northern Germany. To the handful of observers gathered at the edge of the field, the craft must have looked like something out of science fiction, with its gleaming barrel-shaped fuselage, gaping nose intake, and stubby wings awkwardly mounted high atop [...]

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12 Things in Life We Put Off Until It’s Too Late

In our daily lives, we tend to focus on our careers, our responsibilities, and getting through the day. Thus, we often push aside some of the best things in life, thinking we’ll still have plenty of occasions to enjoy them later. But the truth is, our time is limited on Earth, and we might not …

19 Signs That You Grew Up Poor and Didn’t Realize It

During youth, contemplations of poverty and wealth rarely occupy one’s thoughts. Children delight in simple joys, needing little to experience contentment. However, with the passage of time, our perspectives broaden, and we become aware of the privileges and luxuries that may have escaped our notice during childhood. Someone asked online, “What’s something a poor kid …

21 Unconventional Startup Ideas for Incredible Profits

Are you tired of the same old inspirational stories of how someone made their millions? It’s time to make your own story by breaking free from the conventional and exploring something unique. We have a list of 21 unusual startup ideas that push boundaries and bring incredible profits. Read through for fun or see if one …

When Going Shoe Shopping was a Good Way to Die…

For most of us, a trip to the shoe store is a thoroughly mundane experience. You browse the shelves for a style you like, check the rows of boxes below to see if it’s available in your size, and ring the box through at the front counter. If the store is a more full-service establishment, an employee might first measure [...]

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Alexander Graham Bell’s Forgotten Greatest Invention

Artists often come to resent their greatest hits, and while inventor Alexander Graham Bell didn’t hate his most famous creation, the telephone, it was far from his only priority and passion. An inveterate tinkerer, throughout his long life Bell pursued hundreds of projects across dozens of fields, inventing early versions of the metal detector and iron lung, improving Thomas Edison’s [...]

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11 Boomer Skills No One Bothers to Learn Anymore

Different skills have varying degrees of relevance and individual preferences, but some skills gained and perpetuated by the Baby Boomers might not be very useful in today’s world. Some of these may seem outdated in sight of how hi-tech the world is today, although some individuals still find personal uses for them. Do you find …

20 Things All 60s Kids Will Fondly Remember

We have come a long way from historical gems like Vinyl records and sidecars. The ’60s certainly left a lingering aroma in the minds of anyone who grew up in that era.   Millennials and Gen-Z will never know what life pre-internet was like, but the generations that grew up in the sixties had the …