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35 People Share The Wildest Things They Witnessed In The Baby Delivery Room

The miracle of birth can quickly become a very complicated and confusing affair when delivery room drama starts flaring up. Fights with doctors, peculiar comments, and even partners accidentally leaving the moms going into labor at home are just the tip of the iceberg. Reddit users shared the most intense, wildest, and weirdest things they’d [Read More]

30 Times People Got Busted For Their Crystal-Clear Lies And Others Shared Them In This Group

Nobody is innocent when it comes to exaggerating things we’ve seen, heard, or participated in. Like, that smashing b-day party of yours in an abandoned castle that got everyone talking. Except that it was your uncle’s porch and the only guests were your twin cousins from Wyoming. We’ve all been there, done that, but sometimes [Read More]

30 Things People Found Terrifying As Kids That Look Less Scary Now

Being a kid was not easy. The world was full of threats, and you could take nothing for granted. If you swallowed a seed, the plant would grow in your body. A psycho would hide behind the shower curtain every time you entered the bathroom. And for dessert, you could never skip a square when [Read More]

Tom Steyer Unloads On Bernie Sanders: Socialism ‘Never Worked,’ ‘We Stand For Freedom’

Democrat presidential candidate Tom Steyer unloaded on socialist Bernie Sanders on Monday during an CNN town hall event over Sanders’ extremist ideology and for his praise of murderous communist dictators and regimes. “I don’t think a government takeover of major parts of the American economy is a good idea,” Steyer said of Sanders’ socialist policies. [Read More]