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Money Heist: 5 Questions That Were Finally Answered (& 5 That Are Still Unanswered)

It is always difficult to end a show in a satisfying fashion, especially when the show is an international sensation like Money Heist. The show could’ve ended after season 2, but the surge in popularity prompted the story of another heist and 3 more seasons. RELATED: 6 Money Heist Characters Who Got Fitting Endings (& [Read More]

10 Unpopular Opinions About The Harry Potter Epilogue, According To Reddit

After seven years of magic, war, and total chaos, the Harry Potter epilogue gives fans a chance to see what happened to their favorite characters after the dust settled. Harry, Ron, and Hermione have all moved on from the days of fighting Voldemort. Now, after 19 years, they are settled adults with full-time jobs and kids [Read More]

10 Modern Movies That Would Be Great To See In a Drive-In Theatre

It wasn’t that long ago that drive-in theatres were a major part of the American movie landscape, giving people the chance to watch movies on the big screen from the comfort of their cars. While many of them closed, they have begun to make something of a comeback in recent years. RELATED: 10 Deleted Scenes From The [Read More]

Nightmare Before Christmas: 15 Best Quotes From Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington might have the appearance of a scary character, but in reality, The Nightmare Before Christmas lead is just an incredibly loveable and caring individual. He carries this stop-motion film and he does so with style, purpose, and plenty of energy. RELATED: 10 Christmas Movies With The Best Re-Watch Value Whether he’s scaring people as the [Read More]

Star Wars: 15 Weakest Jedi Who Had To Train The Most To Hone Their Skills

Jedi training isn’t for every Force adept, and there are plenty who don’t choose to follow the ways of the Jedi Order. Yet for those who pledge themselves to guard the galaxy, it’s essential. Jedi training isn’t all about logging hours in lightsaber combat class to develop muscle memory — it’s about tapping into a state [Read More]

15 Best James Bond Opening Credit Sequences | Screen Rant

Every franchise has its staples that make their way into every entry of the series. For example, James Bond movies have several: catchphrases, gun barrel sequences, and bombastic villains. On top of it all, James Bond movies have become famous for their opening title sequences ever since Dr. No. RELATED: 12 Best Times When 007 Said “Bond, James Bond” [Read More]