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Even the Supreme Court Thinks NCAA Amateurism Is a Farce

Ringer Illustration A unanimous ruling from the nation’s highest court might not be a death knell for the NCAA’s business model, but it clearly and devastatingly exposes the facade upon which the entire enterprise rests The NCAA is an empire built on a loophole the size of a postage stamp. Every palatial college sports stadium [Read More]

The Latest Intel Heading Into NBA Trade Deadline Week

Getty Images/Ringer illustration The clock is ticking. Here’s the latest scuttlebutt on Kyle Lowry, Lonzo Ball, John Collins, and more as trade talks heat up ahead of deadline day on Thursday. Here’s what I’m hearing from around the NBA ahead of the trade deadline on March 25 at noon PT: The Heat are taking swings. [Read More]

Mitch McConnell and Impeachment With Matt Jones. Plus, Listener Mail.

Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images After chatting with Matt, Bryan and David answer the question, “If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?” Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker are joined by author and creator of Kentucky Sports Radio Matt Jones to discuss his book Mitch, Please! [Read More]