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Watch The Flash Online: Season 7 Episode 14

What did Ultraviolet do when she returned to Central City? On The Flash Season 7 Episode 14, tensions mounted as Allegra realized her cousin had an agenda. Meanwhile, Joe found evidence that Kristen Kramer may not be the good cop she appeared to be. Elsewhere, Barry made a plan to even the odds against the [Read More]

Watch The Flash Online: Season 7 Episode 11

Did Barry and Iris manage to save Central City from a dangerous force? On The Flash Season 7 Episode 11, the couple joined forces to make a daring plan of attack.  Meanwhile, Cisco got some word about a future career opportunity that made him question his place on Team Flash.  Elsewhere, Caitlin tried to put recent [Read More]

Watch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Online: Season 6 Episode 4

What was Rory’s master plan? On DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 4, the Legends were blindsided by his master plan after he took command of the ship.  Meanwhile, Ava was eager to question the Alient, but she had to steal it back from the Cubans.  Elsewhere, Spooner set out to help an old ally [Read More]

Watch Fear the Walking Dead Online: Season 6 Episode 14

Did Alicia reunite with people from the past? On Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 14, Teddy went on a mission with both Alicia and Dakota, leading to a wild chain of events.  As Alicia finally pondered the prospect of moving on with her life, she learned a surpriising new development about The End is [Read More]