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SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Trust, But Verify: Part 2

Jason is traveling down a dark road, and I’m not sure he’ll be the same person when if he comes out the other side. On SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 2, he refuted any allegation that he forgot things. He spent the entire mission to North Korea in denial, and without Clay watching his every [Read More]

SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Hollow At The Core

The way things are going, all of Bravo team might not make it back from Africa. The unit’s dysfunction continued to be a problem on SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 14. Most of the problem swirled around Sonny, who couldn’t seem to deal with his unborn child and Hannah being half a world away. Being on [Read More]

SEAL Team Season 4 Premiere Review: Bravo Bombshells

It was well past time to shake things up, and maybe that’s what’s happening here. SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 1 and SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 2 send several characters in new directions. Now let’s see how long that lasts. First, let’s wish Cerberus a happy retirement. Bravo’s combat dog knew when it was time to get [Read More]