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30 Comics By Buni That Are Funny, Sad, And Twisted At The Same Time (New Pics)

Meet comic illustrator Ryan Pagelow, the person behind the popular webcomic series called The “Buni Comic.” Pagelow is a creative genius that loves to make cute-looking illustrations that feature surprising, and not-so-cute sarcastic endings with a twist. All of this, especially added to his creative visual style, makes for a brilliant combination that can make [Read More]

What If Animals Were Vegetables? Japanese Artist Answers That Question (47 Pics)

This artist creates adorable animals based on foods and vegetables. Known on Instagram as PonkichiM, the artist uses their skills to make cute and lovable concepts of what would happen if vegetables suddenly started barking or meowing. The designs look amazing and very creative—like the creatures came straight out of a fantasy book or alien [Read More]

28 Photographs Of Beautiful Women Dancing I Captured While Traveling The World

A friend of mine once said: kiss in every beautiful place. I added that you should dance in every beautiful place. The beauty of the dance and the beauty of the place combine and you have a magnificent photograph. In this project, I travel and photograph girls, ballerinas, and dancers all over the world. In [Read More]

Little Golden Retriever Puppy Becomes A Guide For A Blind Dog (28 Pics)

Dogs are very helpful to us, humans. They have millions of uses in our society: they support us emotionally, they guide us, they help sniff things out. Arguably, there are no substitutes for what they provide for us. But it turns out that dogs don’t see much difference between species, and they’re as good-willed and [Read More]