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‘America: The Motion Picture’ trailer has George Washington dual-wielding chainsaws

“Ding dong! It’s America, motherfucker!” Netflix has released a new trailer for satirical animated film America: The Motion Picture, and it’s a lot.  Written by Zombieland: Double Tap’s Dave Callaham, the “incredible, completely true story of America’s origins” features a George Washington (Channing Tatum) dual-wielding chainsaws, Thomas Edison (Olivia Munn) flying around with a jetpack, [Read More]

The 19 best ’90s movies on HBO Max for a totally rad night in

Looking back, the 1990s feel like a time of unbridled prosperity — especially when it comes to movies. In putting together our list of the best ’90s movies on HBO Max, Mashable found that many of today’s modern classics were borne of this weird, wonderful decade. Some ’90s films were so iconic that we’ve already [Read More]

‘Cadence of Hyrule’ developers reflect on making a Zelda rhythm game

For some of the creative minds behind Cadence of Hyrule, being able to take their tested talents and apply them to game set in the world of The Legend of Zelda is an honor. Three downloadable content expansions to Cadence of Hyrule recently released, bringing new playable characters, new songs, and a new story thread inspired by The Legend of [Read More]

Watch the intense trailer for Alex Gibney’s secretly filmed COVID documentary

For five months of 2020, directors Alex Gibney, Ophelia Harutyunyan, and Suzanne Hillinger made a film in secret. They interviewed scientists, medical professionals, and government officials to create a comprehensive view of the White House’s responses to coronavirus and the result is Totally Under Control, out later this month. The trailer, edited like a horror [Read More]