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Robyn Brown May ALSO Leave Kody Brown, Insider Claims

Added on September 14, 2023 inFree Celebrity News

Kody Brown is very depressed these days, according to a new report, and he may also be extremely single in the very near future.

Robyn Brown May ALSO Leave Kody Brown, Insider Claims was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

Robyn Brown May ALSO Leave Kody Brown, Insider Claims

According to a new report, things may soon be going from bad to much, much worse for Kody Brown.

The Sister Wives patriarch is no longer part of a polygamous household at this point, considering Christine Brown, Janelle Brown and Meri Brown have ALL left him over the past year and a half

That leaves Robyn Brown, Kody’s only spouse and, clearly, his long-time favorite.


Robyn Brown looks quite unhappy in this photo, doesn’t she? It’s from Sister Wives Season 18. (TLC)

… might another major change be coming soon?

“Kody’s full of resentment for his exes and has been moping around and in a bad mood and blaming everyone but himself,” an insider told In Touch Weekly this week, adding:

“Robyn’s sick and tired of him complaining.”

This same report claims that “Christine, Janelle and Meri are happier than they’ve been in a long time” and that Robyn is well aware of their post-Kody satisfaction.

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown remain legally married, despite the former having split from his other spouses. (TLC)

Does this mean Robyn has given thought to ending her union, as well?

We can’t say for certain.

On air, throughout Season 17 and Season 18, Robyn has openly and passionately defended her husband.

But she sounded a rather bitter and negative tone last month when talking to People Magazine.

Robyn Brown doesn’t look to happy in this poster for Sister Wives. (TLC)

“It’s been Hell,” Robyn told this outlet over the summer of life with Kody over the past several months.

“There have been times he’s tried to self-sabotage and sabotage us. I’ve had to work hard not to let him.”

More candid than usual, and at least somewhat self-aware, Robyn continued in this interview:

“I feel like we failed. The commitment we made — we were all in this together. We screwed it up.”

Kody Brown has an odd look on his face in this look at the former polygamist on Sister Wives Season 18. (TLC)

Over the past few Sunday nights, TLC viewers have witnessed Kody’s relationship with Janelle fall apart.

The latter has called the former out on his bull$hit, prompting an epic argument and giving us a glimpse at why Janelle chose to walk away late last year.

“Kody has gone from man of the house to the doghouse in just a couple of years, and he’s feeling he’s got nothing to fight for,” added this In Touch source.

“He’s getting ridiculed online with people saying he’s a creep. The truth is, Kody’s been prancing around like a peacock for so long that most people can’t stand him.”

Kody Brown sits down here for a Season 18 confessional. (TLC)

It’s true. Kody Brown is VERY hard to actually like.

More recently, Kody admitted to being in a deep state of “mourning” in the wake of getting dumped on multiple occasions, telling People of himself and Robyn:

“We are not recovering from this.

“I mean, it’s not clinical depression, but we’ve been a bit depressed about what the experience did. That’s an understatement.

“But we’ve been through a very hard experience and our reaction to it has changed us. We are not the same.”

Robyn Brown May ALSO Leave Kody Brown, Insider Claims was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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